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SimOnlyDiscount is announcing an annual scholarship worth $2,000, awarded to a student whom explores a topic of our choice as finest. The scholarship will be rewarded to any student in Canada, Australia, Europe or the United States from an accredited college or university. Two runner-ups will be awarded with a $250 book scholarship.


To apply for the SimOnlyDiscount scholarship, we require you to share your vision. In specific: your vision about the upcoming innovations for the next 3 years of the mobile market and the position of products such as sim only acties (BYO actions) or sim only vergelijken (BYO comparison). We would like you to write down these thoughts in an essay of roundabout 750 to 1000 words. The essay should explain your thoughts in regards to the markets highlights. Applications can be send to Within 48 hours after we received your essay, you should receive a confirmation.

Can I apply?

Are you interested to apply? In order to qualify for the SimOnlyDiscount scholarship, we expect the following:

1. You are a citizen of Australia, Canada, Europe or the United States or have an authorization to study in the region;
2. Achieve an undergraduate cumulative amounting to minimum 3.0 GPA in the U.S. / Canada / Australia or 7 in the EU;
3. Have approval for a Canadian, Australian, United States or European college or university and attend school in 2019;
4. In case of a minors: written permission of a parent or guardian.

Until when can I apply?

To be in time for the application of SimOnlyDiscounts scholarship, please submit before December 14th, 2018 the following:

1. An essay of 750 to 1000 words exploring the subject: "What innovations are you foreseeing in the telecom market in the upcoming 3 years";
2. An official copy or confirmation of your undergraduate college transcripts;
3. The most recent academic transcript/an acceptance letter written by a U.S. university or college (in case of freshman);
4. A proof of legal residency in Canada, the European Union, the United States or Australia.

How does the selection work?

1. The winner is chosen based upon the usefulness and depth of the essay;
2. That student will be announced on this page on December 16th, 2018;
3. The $2,000 will be wired to the student's university's or college's bank account;
4. The scholarship should be used only on tuition and related costs.


In case of any questions in regards to this scholarship, kindly email us at When submitting an essay, please do so in PDF format.